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“Our pace was really slow. To hold a team to 41 percent shooting and they were at 36 or 37 [percent] for a while and not play with pace, getting up and down the floor, that’s not good for us. We want to play fast; we want to get up and down the floor.

Su revés era precioso. Jugó hasta los 42 aos porque en aquellos tiempos el físico se castigaba mucho menos que en la actualidad”. Escuchando a Carmen, es fácil trasladarse a las décadas de los 50 y 60 y disfrutar con el buen hacer de Pilar en pista..

And the ones in the center of the makeshift catwalk helped inspire the current collection, a dual gender see now/buy now offering. So you could see the influence of the yellow and carbon 2014 McLaren P1 in the caution tape yellow cashmere greatcoat tossed over a black leather miniskirt and over the knee suede boots, and the lipstick red of the 2015 Ferrari La Ferrari in a glossy patent bustier worn over a cloud of tulle. You could match the silver on an iridescent halter slither gown to the silver of a 2014 Porsche 918..

In a now famous YouTube video, Unbox Therapy demonstrated how the 7.1 mm thick device could bend with nothing but one’s bare hands. In the video, the device gives at what might be considered the weakest point: around the two volume control buttons, where the aluminum chassis is thinnest. I watched the video with a mixture of fascination (“Wow, look how far it can bend!”) and horror (“Why is he destroying his new iPhone 6 Plus?”)..

Gonzaga Builds a Lead, but Tar Heels CloseAnother 3 by Josh Perkins and a Johnathan Williams jumper gave Gonzaga a 7 point lead with 10 minutes left. Perkins was the top scorer with 8, but everyone was getting involved in the fast paced, back and forth game. Five Bulldogs and seven Tar Heels have scored..

Putting a Supreme in Brooklyn doesn’t mean what it might have in the bleeding edge Williamsburg of two decades ago, or in its partly gentrified late 2000s version. It’s a family neighborhood now a wealthy family neighborhood with seven figure condominiums and Michelin starred restaurants. With square footage that’s about three times the Lafayette store, this location figures to be more relaxed than the flagship: a place where the brand can breathe, a reclaiming of the hometown, a maturation without surrender..

Y al igual que unos comienzan su carrera en un deporte que después dejan de lado por el fútbol, hay casos en los que ocurre algo totalmente distinto. El jugador que fue portero suplente del FC Barcelona, que jugó únicamente 9 partidos con el equipo blaugrana y con poco éxito, acabo siendo una estrella en el fútbol americano. Su nombre, reconocido por ser yerno de el gran Kruyff, es Jesus Angoy..

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