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After his practice he tells me we’re gonna hit for a while and Sev says “but she doesn’t have a racquet” and Roger is like “she can use one of mine” (!!!!!!!) so he reaches into his bag and gives me one of his racquets to hit with (!!!!!!). I was really scared because I’m not like amazing at tennis, I’m pretty good, but not out of the ordinary, and even if I was, it was freaking Roger Federer. But Paul and Roger told me not to be scared, it was so cute haha.

Sin embargo, la sociedad evoluciona y la descompensación entre el número de escritores y el de escritoras parece cada vez menor. Una buena prueba de esto sería la antología ltima temporada (Lengua de Trapo, 2013), donde se recogen relatos de los 20 escritores espaoles más destacados de la última hornada los nacidos entre 1980 y 1989 y donde, siguiendo criterios de estricta calidad, se ha alcanzado la paridad. “La generación de los 80 quizá sea la primera en nuestra historia donde las autoras son, digámoslo sin tapujos, mejores que los autores”, sentencia Alberto Olmos, antólogo del libro.

Prince William May Have Just Dropped Another Hint About the Royal Baby NameAlthough the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have yet to reveal the name of the third royal baby, Prince William certainly hasn’t been shy about dropping possible hints on the matter. After notably calling out the name of a photographer while leaving St. Mary’s hospital with Kate Middleton and their newborn son on Monday, it seems the prince has again fueled the baby naming rumor mill.

Cuando un líquido se deposita sobre un sólido hidrófilo, las gotas se extienden completamente, con un ángulo de contacto muy cercano a cero grados. Cuando el material es menos hidrófilo este ángulo aumenta hasta unos 30 o 40 grados. Cuando el ángulo es mayor de 90 grados, la superficie es hidrófoba.

I thought that if everything was this slow, the Apple Watch would be the company’s first catastrophic failure in more than a decade. That long boot time set expectations super low, but everything else vastly exceeded them. I also never again had to restart the watch..

Mr. Napout’s two predecessors at Conmebol president also were indicted in May. Department of Justice,” FIFA said in a statement. Athletes have marched behind the Olympic flag on a number of occasions, usually because of geopolitical conflict. In 1992, athletes from Yugoslavia competed under the Olympic banner because of sanctions against the country over the war in the Balkans. Athletes from the new nations of East Timor in 2000 and South Sudan in 2012 competed under the flag because their formal Olympic committees had not yet been formed..

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