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El error del Barcelona fue creer sus propias tonterías (somos los mejores del mundo, somos más que un Club, el Barcelona habla catalán, etc.) y NO ver que Puyol, Alves, Xavi, Iniesta se hacían mayores y perdían chispa y movilidad en el campo. NO ver que hace muchos aos que se ficha mal Chigrinsky, Ibrahimovic, Cesc (se pagan 40 millones y se frena la progresión de Thiago y se lo vende por 25) y NO se ficha un portero suplente y dos centrales. Si el Barcelona sigue viviendo en esa “burbuja” política y deportiva volverá a ser el Barcelona de hace 30 aos.

Galperina also notes that along with all the posts on YouTube, numerous Russian Web sites have sprung up to host videos of these uncut crashes and accidents and many of the videos are horrifying. It’s not all bad, however. “There are moments of humanity among the crashes, in between the skidding, the burning, the kicking,” wrote Galperina, “There are dash cam videos with happy endings.”.

En el alto horno, el oxígeno fue removido del mineral por la acción del CO (monóxido de carbono) gaseoso, el cual se combinó con los átomos de oxígeno en el mineral para terminar como CO2 gaseoso (dióxido de carbono). Ahora, el oxígeno se empleará para remover el exceso de carbono del arrabio. A alta temperatura, los átomos de carbono (C) disueltos en el hierro fundido se combinan con el oxígeno para producir monóxido de carbono gaseoso y de este modo remover el carbono mediante el proceso de oxidaciónEl alto horno consiste en una especie de depósito troncocónico, en el cual se cargan desde arriba capas alternadas de mineral de hierro carbón y fundente.

It sucks ass . The fourth time I was in Chicago and I wouldn’t leave Walgreen’s, so I was taken to spend the night in jail. For some reason, I had the best sleep ever . “Clearly the site is targeting environmentally conscious consumers with expendable incomes and sophisticated tastes,” said Shaver, noting Gazel is not your typical e commerce website. “The focus seems more on educating customers about the products than simply selling those products. The combined effect of the colors, typography, textures, and photography just feels expensive and high quality.”.

This thing about the ball cooperatively hanging there, slowing down, as if susceptible to the Swiss’s will there’s real metaphysical truth here. And in the following anecdote. After a July 7 semifinal in which Federer destroyed Jonas Bjorkman not just beat him, destroyed him and just before a requisite post match news conference in which Bjorkman, who’s friendly with Federer, says he was pleased to “have the best seat in the house” to watch the Swiss “play the nearest to perfection you can play tennis,” Federer and Bjorkman are chatting and joking around, and Bjorkman asks him just how unnaturally big the ball was looking to him out there, and Federer confirms that it was “like a bowling ball or basketball.” He means it just as a bantery, modest way to make Bjorkman feel better, to confirm that he’s surprised by how unusually well he played today; but he’s also revealing something about what tennis is like for him.

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